Monday, January 5, 2009

HARAM: Hawwam هوام

HAWWAM - Creatures included in AMNA's Hawwam classification include: frogs, snails, insects (except the locust), spiders worms, snakes, scorpions, most lizards and rodents such as mice and rodents. Mold, fungus, bacteria and yeast are not hawwam.

Islamic Prohibition against HAWWAM animals:
Islam, through Jurisprudence, forbids eating all insects (save the locust), crawling and slithering animals. As a group, these animals are called hawwam as well as hasharaat al-ardh, in Arabic, but are simply known as 'vermin' and 'pests' in English.

[ HAWWAM in Quran & Hadith ]

AMNA's Criteria for HAWWAM:
The table below describes our criteria for judging a FOOD as HAWWAM. Helpful icons make it easy to judge foods at a glance.

Foods derived from hawwam animals;
Foods made with hawwam animals.
Foods infested with live hawwam animals.
carmine, shellac, E904;
escargots au beurre
mimolette cheese (French)

FOODS commonly containing hawwam animals, but which could be made without.
mish (Egypt), karish cheese (Sudan)

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