Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HARAM: Food of Shirk (شرك)

SHIRK (شرك‎) — the Islamic concept of the sin of polytheism specifically, but in a more general way refers to worshipping other than Allah, associating partners with Him, giving His characteristics to other than Him, or not believing in His characteristics.

Islamic Prohibition against FOOD of SHIRK

Associating others with Allah is known as shirk, and is an unforgivable sin. Muslims are prohibited from eating the food (some Schools of Jurisprudence say meat) of those who are mushriqeen (polytheists), as well as any food sacrificed to a diety or offered in a religious rite that conflicts with tawheed (the Oneness of Allah).

[ FOOD of SHIRK in Quran & Hadith ]

AMNA's Criteria for FOOD of SHIRK

The table below describes our criteria for judging a FOOD as SHIRK. Helpful icons make it easy to judge foods at a glance.


Animals or foods ritually sacrificed in the name of anyone but Allah. [Quran 2:173];
Food created in remembrance of, or as an offering to, a deity: Jesus, Buddha, etc.;
Food that symbolically represents non-monotheistic belief elements such as the trinity.
Eucharist (communion bread or wine);
magiritsa (Greek), christopsomo (Christmas bread) (Greek);
lambropsomo (Easter bread) (Greek)

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