Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HARAM: Toxins

TOXINS - A poisonous substance produced by living cells or organisms that is active at very low concentrations. Toxins are capable of causing disease, paralysis or death on contact or absorption with body tissues by interacting with the body.

AMNA identifies foods containing substances that contain toxins that can do harm to the body, whether slowly in small amounts and over a long term, or immediately. Although not one-and-the-same, many foods identified as TOXINS are also INTOXICANTS, consumed because of the effects they have on a person's state of being. Much of the hadith prohibiting intoxicants is the same the ahadith prohibiting alcohol.

Islamic Prohibition against TOXINS

Islam forbids intentionally harming oneself. Foods which contain toxic substances which can do harm to the body's cells or nervous system, whether slowly in small amounts over a long term, or immediately, are then included under this prohibition.

[ TOXINS in Quran & Hadith ]

AMNA's Criteria for TOXINS

The table below describes our criteria for judging a FOOD as TOXIN. Helpful icons make it easy to judge foods at a glance.

Any food or ingredient containing TOXINS that cause damage to the body's systems, paralysis or death.
bromated flour, fugu (blowfish), ephedrine

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