Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HARAM: Jallalah of Halal Animals

Jallalah is an Arabic term meaning an otherwise halal animal which has been made (temporarily) unclean due to the unclean food it eats. This encompasses cattle fed garbage, waste and animal (by-)products. The meat from such an animal is considered haram until it is fed a diet of clean food for a period of 3 months. Most "supermarket meat" comes from animals raised in Factory Farms, where efficiency of production (high volume, low cost) outweighs other concerns.

Jallalah of halal animals Narrated by Ibn 'Umar and 'Amr Ibn Shu'ayb:
"The Messenger of Allah (s.a.s.) forbade the eating (of) jallalah or (drinking) its milk."
— Imam Ahmad. Abu Dawud.

In this regard, Ibnul-Qayyim says:
"Muslim scholars have unanimously agreed that if the animal is fed on imure fodder (animal feed), then detained and fed on pure food, its meat and milk became lawful. Likewise, if plants and fruits are watered with impure water, ten watered with pure water, they are deemed lawful. Thus, they are no longer deemed impure food because they have been converted to good and lawful food by means of pure water."
— I'lam Al-Muwaqqi'in 1:40

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