Monday, January 12, 2009

Quran & Hadith: Human, Primate

HUMAN & PRIMATE in the Quran
ياايها الذين امنوا اجتنبوا كثيرا من الظن ان بعض الظن اثم ولاتجسسوا ولايغتب بعضكم بعضا ايحب احدكم ان ياكل لحم اخيه ميتا فكرهتموه واتقوا الله ان الله تواب رحيم

"O you who believe, you shall avoid any suspicion, for even a little bit of suspicion is sinful. You shall not spy on one another, nor shall you backbite one another; this is as abominable as eating the flesh of your dead brother. You certainly abhor this. You shall observe Allah. Allah is Redeemer, Most Merciful."
— Quran. al-Hujurat 49:12

قل هل انبئكم بشر من ذلك مثوبة عند الله من لعنه الله وغضب عليه وجعل منهم القردة والخنازير وعبدالطاغوت اولئك شر مكانا واضل عن سواء السبيل

"Say, 'Let me tell you who are worse in the sight of Allah: those who are condemned by Allah after incurring His wrath until He made them (as despicable as) monkeys and pigs, and the idol worshipers. These are far worse, and farther from the right path.'"
— Quran. Surat al-Ma'idah 5:60

Hadith referencing HUMAN & PRIMATE
Narrated by Abu Darda: 
"The Prophet (s.a.s.) prevented the eating of khatafah (خطفة) [creatures that snatch], nahabah (نهبه) [creatures that plunder] and mujathama (مجثمة) [animals which are restricted or trapped for target shooting], and every predator possessing canine teeth / fangs."
— Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja and Nisaa'i

[AMNA Note:] Monkeys and other primates fall into the category of khatafah, as related in the hadith above.

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