Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HALAL: Animals

What are the halal animals?

The following animals are halal for eating. This list is not inclusive.

Non-Predatory Birds:
Capon; Chicken; Dove; Duck; Francolin (a partridge); Goose; Heron; Hoopoe (hudhud); Lark; Nightingale; Ostrich; Parrot; Partridge; Peacock; Pigeon; Squab; Quail; Rooster; Sparrow; Starling; Stork

Herbivorous Land Animals:
Antelope; Buffalo; Camel; Caribou; Cow; Deer; Gazelle; Goat; Rabbit; Sheep (lamb); Stag; Wild-Ass such as Zebra (domesticated donkeys are haram according to hadith)

Fish and Seafood*
*Shi'a (Jafari mathhab) limit to fish with scales. Sunni mathahib permit all food from the sea.

The Arabian Locust (hadith on the locust)

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