Monday, January 12, 2009

HARAM: Predator

PREDATOR - In the strictest sense, predators are hunting animals. In Islam, explicitely prohibited are land animals posessing fangs or canine teeth and claws, as well as birds possessing talons. Omnivorous animals and non-hunting carnivores (scavengers) are considered within AMNA's PREDATOR classification. Though omnivorous, the pig and wild boar are included in a AMNA's PORK class, due to the specific Quranic prohibition against swine.

Islamic Prohibition against PREDATORS:
Islam forbids consuming the meat of predatory land animals and birds. Specifically the prohibition is against animals possessing canine teeth or fangs and claws and birds possessing talons. Islam also forbids eating the meat of carrion eaters.

[ PREDATOR in Quran & Hadith ]

AMNA's Criteria for PREDATOR:
The table below describes our criteria for judging a FOOD as PREDATOR. Helpful icons make it easy to judge foods at a glance.


Meats from predatory, scavenging, or omnivorous land or air creatures.
o'possum, alligator meat, gaeju (Korean)

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